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Information security challenges are constantly evolving.  Are you making the right investments in people, process, and technology to keep up?

Intresec is ready to help you protect and defend your data and information systems.

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Every business must contend with a wide-range of cyber threats and risks: 

  • Ransomware attacks that prevent access to critical data
  • Denial of service attacks that make critical computer systems unusable
  • Malware and hacking attacks that lead to personal and intellectual property theft
  • Inadvertent and intentional acts of employees
And every business has a unique set of needs and challenges. 
Intresec brings together intelligent analysis and the latest research to deliver security programs and solutions that meet your needs and challenges.  We have experienced enterprise security professionals who can deliver essential solutions: 
  • Security Posture
  • Risk Management
  • Governance and Policy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Privacy
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Monitoring
  • Security Operations
  • Incident Response
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Our professionals are here to help you develop an effective cybersecurity program that heads off and stands up to current and future threats, known and unknown.  


We provide a range of services, from comprehensive security posture assessments and program management to managed security solutions and incident response, to help you protect and defend your data and information systems.

security posture and
risk management

Solid security postures and risk management assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of the physical security systems, information handling processes, user policies and practices, and risk factors.

governance, policy, and regulatory compliance

Robust frameworks and data governance improves decision-making while aligning with regulatory requirements

data privacy and
digital identity

Proper data discovery define the right data handling processes and identity and access management.

monitoring and
security operations

Scale security monitoring and compliance with vulnerability management and threat-hunting.

incident response and
disaster recovery

Detect, respond and recover from threat actors, breaches, and disasters impacting your business operations.

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